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Blogs about arts marketing

Marketing in the arts. Then take a look at these.
There never seems to be enough time to catch up on reading, but if you are an arts marketeer then here are a few blogs that you should make the time for.

Museum Marketing
This blog from Jim Richardson of Sumo is an excellent look at, well, its title. Well worth looking at his series on using Facebook
Mission Paradox
This is the blog by Adam Thurman and contains some quite thought provoking stuff. He has started his educational series (Arts Marketing 101, Feb 2010) and if the first article is anything to go by this is well worth following - How many of you set financial expectations?.
Communicating the Arts
This blog is written by Rachel Escott. With over 20 years experience experience as a marketing professional, journalist and writer, she has a lot of wisdom to share. Read this blog for what it's like working at the sharp end.
smArts & Culture
From Maryann Devine in Philadelphia, this is much more than a blog. The site not only covers her observations but you can also sign up to her email articles and courses. You can spend a lot of time here perusing lots of info. We do.
Arts Marketing Blog Spot
By Chad M. Bauman, Director of Communications at Arena Stage: although it says it's focused on the USA, the stuff covered is relevant the World over. Particularly liked The Problem of Silos and the previous one Want to get into trouble? Concentrate on new audiences was preaching to the choir as far as we are concerned (Russell blogged on something similar, but with a less catchy heading).
Audience Development Blog
Shoshana Fanizza takes us into the world of audience development. One of her blogs takes a great approach - take a look at Audience development is about valuing yourself. She also, has some great YouTube links from arts organisations.
Josie Aston's Blog
Josie has been working in the area of using the arts within health initiatives for quite a while. She has been building up an archive of articles about this subject since 2006. If you are involved with, or simply interested in this, then make Josie's blog you first stop.