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Where science and arts meet!

Back in 1990 Russell Weetch took his marketing talent from Mercantile Credit and decided it was time to become an entrepreneur. With both technical and direct marketing expertise he set out with a partner to provide marketing liaison consultancy. “Marketing and technical departments just don’t speak the same language and we were able to bridge that gap,” explains Russell.

The company was at the leading edge of the web revolution as they developed one of the early search engines – UK Index – back in 1994-5. They also launched www.emoticon.com in 1994, long before most of us had got to grips with email!

In 1992 one of their clients observed that their computer department didn’t really understand the system and wanted to keep this separate. So Russell started developing software to help organisations manage and deliver their marketing effectively.

"We developed a great customer management system and our clients really liked it, then we kept getting asked if people could get information sent to their clients that was on the website - creating an integrated system seemed the obvious step to take."

The Birmingham Royal Ballet asked them to develop something for their complex business and the team did so well that this has become a core part of the business.

"We have a talented team who understand both the technical and the customer sides of the business. That gives our clients a unique service and means that they don't need to understand the technical part of the business; we take care of all that so they can get on with what they do best."

Russell now heads up this team and manages technical and creative skills to deliver systems that almost sing and dance!