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Masque® Répertoire: Content Management for the Performing Arts

A system developed specifically for the performing arts to provide historical, current and future information about your productions and performances.

Every performance has a myriad of elements that have to be brought together.  There’s the production, the performers, the dates, the venue, the support staff and management – then there’s all the photos and history that are attached to these.  Trying to bring everything together in one place can be a frustrating and time-consuming nightmare!

Masque Répertoire provides both a web content management system and archiving resource especially developed for performing arts companies. The easy to use admin system helps you pull together all the information, images and video and produce a website that will give patrons all they want to know about performers, what productions are coming up, how to buy tickets and what facilities are available when they get to the theatre. They can even check the cast list.

Publish full story guides for each production and host a multitude of pictures and videos in the extensive media library. In fact, each performer, production and venue can be linked to any item in the media library to provide their own web gallery for visitors to see.

When it comes to publishing performances Repertoire has a multitude of tolos to help you set these up quickly and easily, enabling you to control when the information can be published and providing everything from a link straight to the booking page to cast lists. And, with a click of a button you can add your performances to BachTrack (the site to find information about classical music, classical concerts and opera), schedule a series of Tweets on Twitter and update your Facebook fan page.

We also know that tracking how well a show is doing is critical, so you can now keep running tabs on ticket sales using the built in performance tracking stats.

There's so much we want to tell you about Masque Répertoire that we'd love you to call us on +44 (0) 20 7100 6010 or drop us an email at russell@masque-arts.com.

Providing you with a central repository of your performing information you will be able to present a consistent and reliable view of your history and a library of images and other media to draw upon for your marketing.

Some of the features of Masque™ are listed below:


Masque™ is designed to hold all the details of your repertoire, even enabling you to pull together several items for mixed bill productions. Your production information can cover everything from the date and place to the first performance world wide to the full list of credits and onto links to associated information such as other web pages or related merchandise in your online shop.

You can record act-by-act story guides; upload a complete story guide in pdf or word format and provide a synopsis of the production for quick reference. Additionally, set up a list of all the parts in the production and use this when recording performances to easily create a cast list.

A full media library enables you to display images etc. of past performances, behind the scenes, rehearsals etc. These can be simply linked to the production or to individual acts if need be.


Use Masque™ to advertise future performances and to record past performances. You can set up a cast list for each performance and provide detailed booking information and links direct to online booking pages for your audience, as well as Display seating maps and venue images.

Website Content

With Masque™ visitors to your website can see all the information you have stored about productions, performers and venues. The system will automatically produce performance diaries for productions and venues as well as month-by-month guides.



Keep complete information about the Venues you perform at to let your audience easily find the information they need about where you are performing.