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Masque LiveBase®: Content Management System for performing arts websites

LiveBase®(CMS) enables you to quickly and easily manage your website - even controlling when pages are shown - without you needing to know anything about html or programming.

Writing pages is as simple as using a word processor and allows you to quickly enter and format your copy. And you can easily add video and other media using the simple tagging system that takes care of all the behind the scenes coding needed.

When you add pages they are automatically added to your website and the menus updated without you needing to run any rebuild scripts or login to an ftp server to upload your changes. Don't want them displayed immediately? Then simply set the date and time to start showing the page (you can also set the date/time you want to stop it showing).

Harrow Young MusiciansWe believe that your website should look the way you (or your designer) wants it to look rather than some standard layout that makes your site look like everyone else's - we want you to be different. So LiveBase pages are produced completely through templates which you can design, change, add to. It has built in jQuery support - but don't worry if that means nothing to you as it's implementation is all taken care of by the LiveBase® system.

In fact the page you are looking at now is a LiveBase page, as is the image on the left (a very different layout), which is Birmingham Royal Ballet's website - click the image to go and have a look around.

And you are not limited to just html pages and images. If you want to have a document, such as pdf file, that people can download, then LiveBase® is designed to handle this for you too. Even if you have your video hosted at YouTube or Vimeo, LiveBase® knows how to format the calls for this so you only need  to enter a simple tag into your page.

There's none of these long web page titles either with /sxq76-09/09jcnwjgh9shl/asp on the end.  You’ll get real page names that your Patrons and other users can make sense of and with  full support for Google Analytics, search engine optimisation, Facebook and Twitter integration, LiveBase® provides you with a framework to help maximise your presence on the web.

There are a whole host of other features from Adfero Direct News Feed integration to XML output and Flash navigation that make LiveBase® a fully scalable platform to grow with you as you develop your website.

Want to know more? Then call us on +44 (0)20 7100 6010 or email .

User Level Access Control
jQuery and MooTools support
Template driven content
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Support
Full control of what is published and when
WYSIWYG editor with support for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Mozilla