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Web And Application Hosting

Hosting in the cloud? Firewalls? Virtual Servers? PHP, ASP, SQL Server... Dont worry about that, leave it with us.

The server that hosts your website needs to be safe and secure – especially if you have huge amounts of information and this includes private information only available to staff. Did you know that 90% of hacking needs physical access to the server in order to hack in? You’ll love our webhost service – it’s just like Fort Knox – even we can find gaining access a challenge if we don’t have precisely the right passwords!

That’s not all though, you can get remote secure access so remote workers can update data without taking up costly office space. If you spot a typo whilst you’re browsing at home you can access the content management system and correct it instantly.

There’s more too:

You can choose the languages in which your site can be viewed (you provide the translations) and then the server identifies the visitor’s IP address and displays the language that’s most relevant to that location.

The server is monitored continually and if the worst happens there’s someone on hand to sort it out. And you get onsite and offsite backups daily.

What else do you get? Peace of mind!

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