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Artefact: Archaeological Object Database

ArcaheObject Splash ScreenArtefact™ is a database designed to help archaeologists and curators classify and record all the information that is known about the objects they are studying and keeping.


This data may be dates, textual descriptions, official names, colloquial names, images, other media files, lists of books and journals and locations associated with the objects - the find spot, where it was produced and where it is currently stored.


Artefact™ has inbuilt methods for locations to be geo coded and to produce KML and KMZ files which can then be viewed in Google Earth, Arc GIS and Arc Explorer - or any other GIS system that can read this format. And you can import (and export) using a variety of formats including MIDAS xml.

The object properties managed enables you to create any number of groups of properties so it is easy to record materials used, techniques, styles ... well how many areas you create is up to you.


ArchaeObject object properties

There are two editions available: the personal edition and the enterprise edition.


The enterprise edition has all the features of the personal edition but can be hosted centrally and allow multi user access. Addionally, the enterprise edition has a web module that can be made available for the public to search or browse the database.


Take a look at the gallery of screen shots


System Requirements

personal edition and enterprise client: Windows 98, Windows Millenium, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7; 1GB RAM minimum

enterprise server: Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2008 running IIS 6 or 7; or host with us and we will host your entire website.


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